Our spa is for Olivotti guests only and features a large dry Finnish sauna as well as a large steam Turkish sauna. There are four lounge chairs to relax on with a calming view to our back garden. Two large showers and a seperate bathroom are all on the lower ground floor level only a few stairs away from the fully stocked, private wine cellar.


Sauna bathing, particularly the authentic Finnish version, offers a myriad of sauna health benefits, such as:

  • detoxification
  • improved breathing
  • skin care
  • improved immune function
  • reduces stress
  • muscle relaxation
  • beneficial to organ function
  • supports brain health and mental wellbeing
  • sleep quality


The oldest form of body cleansing is the Turkish or steam sauna. The main characteristic of the Turkish sauna is a temperature not lower than 44-55 ° C, and the relative humidity is almost 100%.

Staying in a Turkish sauna:

  • increases sweating but also hydrates the skin
  • helps circulation, blood circulation and lymph circulation
  • it relaxes toxins in the body when sweating
  • helps detoxify organisms
  • removes dead skin cells and impurities
  • creates supple and soft skin
  • boosts immunity
  • enables hydration of the lungs
  • helps eliminate cellulite