Apartment 20

This top-floor suite redefines top floor as it is divided into two parts: with 94m2 the round-goes-round part has no internal walls and depending on the direction you take the entire area flows: the kitchen space is open and also acts as a dining area for 4 persons, and a lounge for daytime hanging out area with a comfy sofa. Retractable TV pops out remotely when you want to watch it, while never compromising your view or ruining the aesthetics of the suite when you are not watching it.

Continuing with the flow of the apartment there are two smaller chill out areas perfect for reading while overlooking the vistas over the lake on one side and a jungle area with lots of cushions on the other side. Both sides come together in the master bedroom, featuring a smaller sofa and a self standing bathtub. There is a narrow bathroom with a walk-in shower and our bespoke collection of natural Slovene cosmetics.

The second part of this suite continues up steep but short staircase where a very unique double bed in the very top of the roof is nestled. Panorama windows offer unobstructed views of the starry skies in the night and during the day a nearly 360 view of the area. This nook feels cosy, snug, and gives an overall “hyggelig” feeling.

In room AC control
Mountain & Lake view
Bath tub & shower
94 m2
Extended king size bed
EV charging
Non-smoking rooms
No pets
Natural cosmetics
Extra queen size bed
Bluetooth Radio
DIY Breakfast